Monday, 25 October 2010

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Programme of study - First draft

Programme of Study Title-  3D environments through cinematography and digital set design.

Project Rationale-
The project will evolve research on how to set up an atmosphere within a scene, pulling from many mediums such as photography and fine art. Developing practical skills in digital set design in Maya.

The project will allow me to examine and explore the ideas and methods used by some of the great movie directors in setting up a scene, creating a world the viewer can take part in. Getting the viewer to be completely enveloped into the story before it has barely even begun. A lot of the research will be into styles of lighting and particular colours. Investigation into sound and how that affects the viewer’s experience. This can also cross into computer gaming and setting up virtual worlds that user can be pulled into and detach themselves from their outside life.

Explore how artists in the professional world set up and develop a particular atmosphere in a scene/environment, and then develop a style of my own. Increase my skill in modelling and texturing digital sets. Apply all these skills to an animation within a group.

Study different artists and directors using books and movies from the library. Get evolved in any local film making and set personal photography projects. Work on projects within Maya setting up digital scenes using tutorials when needed. Collaborate with others when possible.

Research Strategy-
Majority of the research will take place in the library, analysing works from movie directors, photographers and artists.

Expected Outcome(s)-
To understand how to set up a scene and how it affects the viewer through set design, lighting and sound. Using these skills to be able to manipulate the atmosphere within a scene, using skills learnt from others but also developing my own techniques.

The plan is to research different artistic mediums and styles of cinematography within semester one. When I have a better understanding of what is out there and what suits me then I will refine my project of study. For the practical part of modeling and texturing digital sets I have a list of tutorials from digital tutors and gnomon. I plan to have completed tutorials on Urban environment, lighting and Photo-realistic texture painting by Christmas.

Key Challenges and Issues-
The biggest challenge will be understanding why the great directors, Ridley Scott and Dario argento been prime examples, used particular methods through cinematography to create an atmospheric feeling allowing the viewer to be part of the worlds they've created. I have a decent foundation in 3D modeling so the practical side will be just down to practice through projects and tutorials.

Access to library, film and photography equipment, tutorials and  Maya software.

Reference Material-
Books, movies and journals on cinematography, photography and art.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Monster Kit

Modeled and UV mapped in Maya. Textured in Photo shop. Followed a Digital Tutors Monster building kit to create this guy.

Human Head

Human head modeled in maya. Began with a cube and just added edge loops for most of the detail.