Sunday, 8 May 2011

Animatic v.1

This is just a rough block-out draft of the animatic. I will be replacing scenes as they are improved over time. Next version will have all of the lighting effects to some degree, improved camera animation and final room will have test textures on floor and walls. Rendering this animatic was the first time rendering out per frame animation from Maya. Rendering took longer than i thought it would, learning from this ive scheduled a full week for rendering my final project.

N.B. In the first scene there will be a bright light followed by foot steps coming from door in focus. In the close up of the flower there will an animated shallow depth of field from the flower to the beetle (which will also be animated moving). These effects will be added to Animatic v.2.

Feedback welcome!

Animatic V.1 from Mark Mulligan on Vimeo.

Calystegia sepium and Colorado potato beetle

I decided on this particular to symbolise the growth within the building for a few different reasons. This is a common flower found growing from ivy all around the UK. It is important that this flower could actually be found inside the Strathmartine Hospital. That is also the reason i went for ivy in the first would have no problem laying roots in an abandoned building. The other reason was for the colour of the flower. It is the colour of white because none of the colours from the light have been absorbed and so will reflect around the room.

This little fella is the Colorado potato beetle. Dont let the name fool you, they can be found in the UK but they are a regulated beetle in Europe due to havoc caused to potato farmers. Large part of my reasoning for choosing this guy is an esthetic one, i just had to make sure it was possible for him to be found in the UK.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Today's lighting experiments!

Focus is on the door to right. Dark corridor. I brightened up the floor closest with a area light so light under windows further up would be darker in contrast to the strong light hitting the wall. This is all happening in the section further up.

This is the same corridor but further up. Heavy sun light coming from windows.

The test room from my last post but colour of area lights changed to a light blue, colour usually used with daylight. Also lightened gobo.

Ambient light and a spot light in this scene. Used barn doors to create window shape and raytrace shadows. I plan to also use light fog to create that effect of morning light pouring in. Light fog didnt reach far enough but will find a solution.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Gobo and light linking test

Early test - Scene has 3 area lights, volume light and spotlight for the gobo. There is an area light outside each window (originally put them there to achieve a window frame burn out effect) and they're connection to roof and floor have been broken. The two window area lights also have a tinted of blue colour. The further back area light is down really low acting more as filler. Im starting to look at lighting in 3D as a puzzle. The light linking gives me alot of control.

Gobo is made of black and white information. I took a snapshot of the window in Maya using an orthographic view. Brought it into photoshop to create the gobo.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Peer Review - April 21st

I definitely had one of the longest peer reviews and i got a tone of feedback. Alot of the feedback was focused more on a direction people through i should be going in rather than the cinematic narrative itself. The important thing is i have begun implementing alot of the suggestions and have found myself in a more positive place for it. Probably the most important thing i took from it was to start straight into lighting. I have covered all the basics in Maya lighting through digital tutors and am in the middle of tests invloving a gobo image animating across the main room's floor.

I agree with what was said about the piece been very long and i should concentrate on the one room. However, as an artist i still want to create a cinematic playing with the original night vs day narrative. So as a compromise im going to just work on the main room for now and see how things go over the next week or two and evaluate the situation again.

Peer review notes:
Glass shaders - Caustics
Moss(green) on windows- Subsurface-scattering
Gobo - completed tutorial (render tests coming soon)
Light linking - completed tutorial
Night lighting - blue gels
HDRI - worked on during 'going live' project

Im going to spend most of the next week testing most of these out as well as general atmospheric lighting within the main room. Anymore feedback on recommended lighting for my scene would be much appreciated.

Block-out progress