Friday, 25 February 2011

Final Project - Death and Rebirth

Riverview Hospital
After been inspired by Graham Young's work on Still Life with Smoke and Mirrors Ive been interested in capturing the feeling we get when in old abandoned places that once had human life. I like the idea that rather than these places dying, they are more transformed into something...spiritual is the only word i can come up with but its so much more than that. I want to be able to re-create a place that has gone through this transformation and then use elements and colours created through time and play with them. It will be constructed in 3D which means i can manipulate it in whatever way i want. Create and re-purpose...possibly through simple animation. In the image above of Riverside hospital the green on the window stands out to me and projects this beautiful colour on to the walls either side. These buildings dont follow the purpose society set of for them anymore so there are no artificial lights and clean walls, because of this the sunlight from any windows or holes becomes very powerful and striking setting off all kinds of colours and shadows everywhere. 

Lake Shore Inn
I have a vision of a camera panning down a corridor like the one in the image to the left. The light some how changing, reacting to us invading this place. Follows down to a bathroom like the Riverview image above. The green can start moving up and over the windows changing the colour of light coming in. A vibrant flower grows out of an old cracked toilet bowl. I want to be able to play with the colour and shapes. I have this experimental idea camera been you and invading this space...something tiny like a piece of dirt is moved out of place, seen close up in slow motion falling...the room reacts by everything animating into a shape edge with an unnatural high pitch scream/sound. The same feeling as the hair on your neck after getting a shock or fright but its the room thats feeling this. These are all just ideas im accumulating for now.

I got the idea of making strange from a video James showed me. Video is from and the song is Videotape by Radiohead which can be viewed below.

To begin any of this experimentation i need to choose a place. Ive been looking into Strathmartine Hospital, an abandoned Asylum in dundee with a long history...but that will be for my next post.

Radiohead_Videotape from Wolf Jaiser on Vimeo.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Planning semester two

Ive been following a daily schedule for semester two to help me focus my work (not including DT tutorials). This way nothing will be left behind. Schedule will change as projects finish and will be replacement with my project work.

Monday: Going Live
Tuesday: Written work
Wednesday: Going Live
Thursday: Council Project/Project work
Friday: Camera tracking
Saturday: Project Work
Sunday: Sketching - focusing on anatomy

Final Project
Since i am concentrating mostly on light and colour i've decided to create a still cinematic environment. The choice of the environment  is paramount to the success of the project. It needs to have an emotional impact on a mixed audience while also allowing me to experiment changing the mood of the piece though just light and colour. I am giving myself till Monday Feb 21st to finalise and storyboard the environment (due to nature of the project the storyboard will mostly be done through photography). Then starting straight into modeling. I was inspired by the piece below called Still Life with Smoke and Mirrors, created by Graham Young.

Still Life with Smoke and Mirrors from Graham Young on Vimeo.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Direction workshop - Doors Closing

During this project we scripted and story-boarded ideas. Two were chosen and we were split into groups and each given a role to play. This was to an exercise mostly in working as a team in a production pipeline. My role was as editor for this project, but we all did a little of the other roles as well.

Roles: Director, camera operator, Editor and producer.