Sunday, 5 December 2010

Applying skills - futuristic interior

Tree used as power source
I began working on this as a practice piece. Taking the skills i learned from the cryloab tutorial and applying them to create my own designs.

The story behind this piece is set in the future where we have used up most of the worlds resources and have found a way to use trees as a power source. When finished i want to have the grid around the corner to be broken open, markings on the wall and broken items on the floor. The room itself would tell a story by the after math.

When working on my next environment i will be spending alot more time working on the concepts. This was just to get a taste. The designs need to be more consistent and relevant, questioning the existence of everything within the environment. Building in a design that is consistent with a cultural relevance and/or has some form of application.

Main entrance
Top view without roof

Tutorial update - Cryolab

Floor texture
Since the last post I finished UV mapping the cryolab and have just begun the texturing section which i have been looking forward to. As you can see from the image above the floor texture is only using a colour file. Other files such as bump maps may be added later in the tutorial but if not ill be adding them myself. The texture was created in Photoshop using different effects and illustrations.

UV map example